40lb Bag Of Pool Salt



Designed specifically for use with electrolytic chlorine generators, our Pool Salt conditions water naturally, creating pool water that is gentle on the skin, hair, nose and eyes. High-purity, extra-fine crystals dissolve rapidly and contain a natural stain fighter that helps protect pool finishes. Salt Pools can be easier and less expensive to maintain than traditional chlorine pools.

  • This product can NOT be shipped. Must be picked up in-store or curbside

This pool salt is intended for direct applications of salt to swimming pool water. For the best results, follow the guidelines supplied by the chlorine generator manufacturer.

If you have an existing salt water pool, it is important you let us test your water to determine your water’s current salt level. Add only enough to adjust the salt level to the recommended level.

Distribute salt over as wide of surface area as possible and brush any residue that settles on the bottom.