AlgaeFIGHT Kit for Mesh Safety Covered Pools

$41.98 $39.99

Especially for Loop-Loc and Mesh Safety Cover Pool Owners

Early each spring we recommend adding an algaecide & phosphate remover to prepare your pool for an easier opening in the spring. In previous years we’ve offered AlgaePhos which is both chemicals in one bottle.  Unfortunately, it is unavailable this spring.  We’ve replaced it with Ultima PhosFight and Algae Bomb 30. This 2 part kit will help minimize the green monster and make your opening faster & easier. 


Pour 32 oz. of BOTH Bottles per 25,000 gallons of pool water directly over and through your Loop-Loc Safety Cover the next time we have a warm-weather streak. Rinse the product through with a garden hose. Repeat 2-3 weeks before you open your pool if more than a month has passed.

Both products in this kit are compatible with all sanitizers.

With a mesh safety cover, filtered sunlight is allowed to reach your pool water. Once the temperatures start warming up, this can bring prolific algae growth underneath your cover. By using this kit, you are defending your pool water by removing algae’s food source, phosphates, and adding a preventative algaecide.