E-Z Pool Value Pack

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E-Z POOL is a proprietary water care program that combines simplicity with incredible water quality in a once-a-week application. This specially blended, multi-tasking formula manages swimming pool water while eliminating the confusion of adding multiple chemicals every other day.

  • 20# Bucket E-Z POOL
  • Revive 4-in-1 32oz Bottle
  • NST Chlorine Tablets (4lbs)
  •  2 – 20# Buckets of Calcium Hardness
  • AquaCheck Chlorine Test Strips (50pk)

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Step One Test & REVIVE
Take a water sample to your Authorized Dealer for testing. Treat pool water with Revive! (32 oz. up to 24,000 gallons) to remove phosphates, metals, debris and to activate the No Algae Guaranteed.

NOTE: If algae is present, brush from walls, then shock with chlorine. Wait 24 hours, then proceed.

Step Two Vacuum, Clean Filter & Balance
Once debris completely settles (typically 24 hours), vacuum pool bottom, thoroughly clean pool filter, then balance pool water as follows:

Calcium Hardness: 350 ppm
pH: 7.2 – 7.6
Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm

Step Three E-Z Day
Note: For portable “POP-UP” pools (less than 3,000 gallons), add one scoop of E-Z Pool in front of the return jet and adjust sanitizer level in accordance with product directions by placing 1″ tablets in the middle of the cartridge filter.

Weekly: REPEAT E-Z DAY… Just once a week!

Note: For portable “POP-UP” pools (less than 3,000 gallons), be sure to rinse the cartridge filter each time you add 1″ tabs.

Bring a water sample to Pettis Pools for testing.

E-Z POOL is simple to use. Immediately after adding to the pool, the fast-dissolving formula starts to work by oxidizing contaminants, preventing algae, conditioning and clarifying, inhibiting scale and maintaining overall water balance. E-Z POOL effectively manages pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness with just a once-a-week application. Because E-Z POOL keeps the water clean, clear and balanced, your sanitizer is more efficient and you use fewer chemicals!

Note: E-Z POOL is not compatible with biguanide pools. It is compatible with chlorine or bromine based systems and salt chlorine generators.

Simply stated. . . there is no comparison! Traditional water maintenance programs require a multitude of chemicals and frequent testing in an attempt to achieve balance and clarity. These programs are based on reactive science: wait until you have a problem, attempt to diagnose with complicated testing, and then treat by adding a multitude of chemicals that might fix the problem. E-Z POOL works on PROACTIVE science: you actually prevent water problems (algae, organic contaminants, pH imbalance, scale) rather than adding more chemicals to treat them after they occur.