PETTIS Spa Metal & Scale Protector



PETTIS Spa Metal and Scale Protector is a fast working sequesterant that prevents and eliminates scale and mineral deposits. It softens hard water and helps prevent mineral staining. Regular use will keep the spa surfaces and plumbing in excellent condition. 

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Add 2oz (4 Tbsp.) of this product for every 500 gallons of spa water while the spa is being filled.

Weekly: Apply 1-1.5 Tbsp. per 500 gallons to the water weekly to prevent stains and scale build up. If hot tub or spa has excessive hardness, scale, or mineral deposit, treat with 2 fluid ounces of SPA METAL & SCALE PROTECTOR per 500 gallons when pump is in operation.

This product is compatible with all sanitizing systems.

PETTIS Metal and Scale Protector prevents scale and metallic staining in spas. It also prevents calcium build-up on spa surfaces. A MUST if using well water.