PETTIS Spa pH Down



PETTIS pH down is used for lowering the pH of spa and hot tub water.

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The ideal pH of spa water is between 7.2 and 7.6. If a test kit indicates the pH is greater than 7.6, sprinkle one heaping tablespoon of Spa pH Down per 500 gallons. Wait two hours with circulating water and test again.

Test pH weekly and add one heaping Tbsp. for every 500 gallons if test indicates pH above 7.6

*If pH reads below 7.2 see PETTIS pH UP*

Maintaining your alkalinity in the proper range of 80ppm – 120ppm is critical to be able to maintain your pH in the proper range. If your alkalinity is above the proper range, the product may also be used to lower alkalinity.

This product is compatible with all sanitizing systems.

Decreases pH in Spa and Hot Tub water.

Safer to use than liquid acids.

Eliminates eye irritation.