Polaris F7240 Sport Inground Robotic Cleaner

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    Compact and Lightweight

    The 7240 Sport is a compact robotic cleaner that provides floor and wall cleaning performance with cyclonic vacuum technology.

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    Energy Efficient, Compact Cleaner that Navigates Floors and Climbs Walls
    The 7240 Sport features cyclonic vacuum technology, lightweight handling, and an easy clean filter canister with a transparent lid. This energy-efficient cleaner navigates floors and climbs walls for full pool coverage and a thorough clean.

      Cyclonic Vacuum Technology – Captures debris without losing suction
      Navigates Floors and Climbs Walls – For full pool coverage and a thorough clean
      Lightweight Handling – Compact design is easy to carry
      Easy Clean Filter Canister with Transparent Lid – Simply remove, unlatch, shake and spray


      Cyclonic Vacuum Technology
      Easy Clean Filter Canister
      Cleans Floors and walls Floors and walls
      Tracks Drive
      Pleated Brush
      50′ Cable Length
      Maximum Pool Size – Up to 36′