poolife® 3″ Chlorine Tablet Value Pack

$275.84 $239.99

Save money with our popular 3″ Chlorine Tablet Value Pack.

  • 3” Bucket (25lbs)
  • AlgaeBomb 30 Algaecide (1 quart)
  • TurboShock 1lb bags (12 bags)
  • Pool Opening Kit (treats up to 20,000 gallons)
  • AquaCheck Strips (50 count)

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Water Testing: After the pump/filter has run for 12 hours, bring a pool water sample from at least 18 inches below the waterline to Pettis Pools in a clean, plastic container for a complete analysis. Any visible algae, leaves, etc should be vacuumed to waste prior to adding the opening kit included in this value pack.

Download a complete Pool Care Guide here

Useful Tips:

When using poolife® Cleaning Tablets, shock treat at least once a week using poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment or poolife® Non-chlorine oxidizer. If you need to increase the level of chlorine in your pool, use poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment. If your chlorine level is in range and you wish to oxidize the organic contaminants without raising your chlorine level, use poolife® Non-chlorine oxidizer.
For best results add tablets to a new, clean skimmer, floater or automatic feeder. Always read feeder instructions before use.
Use your AquaCheck Test Strips to test the chlorine and pH levels at least twice a week.
The continued use of a preventative algaecide such as AlgaeBomb 30 is highly recommended so as not to overtax your chlorine tablets.

Sanitize – Shock – Defend

Is compatible with chlorine, salt chlorine generators, ozone & mineral systems.

Our 3″ Cleaning Tablets are similar to our 1″ Cleaning Tablets, only different in size. The tablets are slow dissolving and long lasting and kill bacteria, control algae and protect your pool’s chlorine from sunlight degradation. Kills bacteria, controls algae and removes organic contaminants from the water.

Active ingredient: 99% Trichlor