poolife® NST® System Value Pack with $25 Mail-In Rebate

$336.84 $279.99

Happy pool. Happy life. Happy cash back!

This bundled value pack saves you money and gives you the core products you need for a successful season.

Save an additional $25.00 thru June 30th with mail-in rebate!

  • NST Tablet Bucket (20 lb.)
  • Algaeban II 3 Month Algaecide (1 quart)
  • Quick Swim Oxidizer (12 – 1lb bags)
  • Pool Opening Kit (Treats up to 20,000 Gallons)
  • AquaCheck Test Strips 50pk

Automatically earns $14.00 Cash Back Reward Dollars with our Pettis Perks Program to be used towards future purchase.



Water Testing: After the pump/filter has run for 12 hours, bring a pool water sample from at least 18 inches below the waterline to Pettis Pools in a clean, plastic container for a complete analysis. Any visible algae, leaves, etc should be vacuumed to waste prior to adding the opening kit included in this value pack.

Download a complete Pool Care Guide here

poolife® NST® System
STEP 1: SANITIZE IT! Chlorinate and clarify, and prevent algae with poolife® NST® Sanitizer.
STEP 2: SHOCK IT! Shock treat weekly with poolife® Quick Swim Oxidizer.
STEP 3: DEFEND IT! Add poolife® Algae Ban II at start of season

Compatible with chlorine, salt chlorine generators, ozone & mineral systems.

Cutting-edge research has led to some new understanding on the relationship between cyanuric acid levels (CYA) in your pool and chlorine efficacy. It turns out we need much lower levels of cyanuric acid in our pools than previously thought. In fact, once your cyanuric acid, or stabilizer, level goes over 50ppm, your chlorine’s effectiveness drops by 25%. At 100ppm of cyanuric acid, the kill rate for bacteria is virtually zero. Studies show that at these high levels of CYA, bacteria is dying of old age before the sanitizer would kill it.
That’s why you should use the NST Tablet 3 Step System!
The poolife® NST® Extended Release Non-Stabilized Tablet is a sanitizer that utilizes a proprietary slow-dissolving Cal Hypo technology, resulting in a tablet that lasts for days. What’s more – it does all this without adding any Cyanuric Acid to the water. For skimmer use only.