Solar Breeze NX Automatic Cleaner

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    The Solar-Breeze NX is our most advanced model of the 3-in-one pool cleaner. Take your time back and let a robot keep your pool sparkling clean! Operating on free solar energy, the Solar-Breeze NX works almost around the clock to skim dirt and debris from the surface of your pool before the leaves sink and decay.


    The Solar-Breeze NX2 operates like a “roomba” for your pool. This solar-powered robotic floating pool skimmer continually skims the surface, removing over 90% of the dirt and leaves from the top of the pool BEFORE the debris can sink to the bottom and decay. This means less bacteria growth in your pool, less filtration and sanitation requirements, less algae and you will never hand-skim your pool again.

    The water passes through a fine mesh filter to remove bugs and dust, and leave your pool sparkling clean. An on-board chlorine tray holds two 3-inch trichlor tablets allowing the Solar-Breeze NX2 to sanitize your pool as it goes.

      Cleans your pool with free energy from the sun.
      Allows you to reduce your pool pump run time by up to two thirds.
      Never hand-skim again.
      Your pool is always Swim-Ready and Party-Ready.
      No cords or hoses.
      Just remove the unit from the pool and jump in!

    While running during the day, the NX automatic pool cleaner collects 5 times more solar energy than needed to run it (that’s a lot of juice!) The surplus power is stored in a rechargeable battery. When the sun goes down, our robot switches to battery power and operates most of the night – pretty cool!

    Most pool owners find that by using a Solar-Breeze NX they reduce their pool-pump run time by 60%, saving hundreds of dollars each year. They also use fewer chemicals and never have to hand-skim their pool again. The pool of a Solar-Breeze NX customer is always Swim and Party Ready.

    Product Dimensions: 22” x 20” x 7.5” inches
    Item Weight: 11 pounds
    Shipping Weight: with packaging 14 pounds
    Shipping dimensions: 26” x 23” x 9”
    Manufacturer: Solar Pool Technologies Inc.
    Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)