Softub Spa FROG Filter Mate



Made specifically for SOFTUB brand hot tubs. 

The mineral sanitizer that cleans and softens hot tub water inside your filter cartridge. Reduces chlorine usage and leaves water feeling soft.

We call it Fresh Mineral Water® because it looks and feels amazing.

Replace mineral cartridge every 4 months.




This product is made specifically for Softub Hot Tubs.

Adjust pH levels to 7.2-7.8.

Turn dial by hand or with a coin to 4 months from installation.

Insert FROG Filter Mate inside the hollow middle of the filter cartridge.

Replace Softub FROG Filter Mate every 4 months. The minerals become ineffective 4 months after initial exposure to water.

This product is compatible with granular chlorine which is the only type of chlorine safe for use in a Softub hot tub.

The use of a Softub Spa Mineral Purifier, along with a reduced amount of chlorine, allows for a much more enjoyable hot tub experience. Using the Spa Frog means no itchy, dry skin, no smelly chemical odors, no bleached swimming suits, reduced chemical use, and less work and more fun! Replace every four months.