Ultima Weekly Shock (2.2 lbs)


    Salt Solutions by Ultima Weekly Salt Shock Oxidizer 


    Broadcast around pool near return jets. Let circulate for 24 hours before testing or adding other chemicals.

    Add 1 lb per 10,000 gallons weekly

    Formulated to be used with all Salt Chlorine Generating Systems.

    Specifically designed for salt water pools, Weekly Shock Oxidizer creates sparkling water and oxidizes in one step. This non-chlorine shock oxidizer contains unique blue water brightening crystals and oxidizes organic contaminants that cause odors, eye irritation and cloudy water.

    Useful Tips:

    Eliminates contaminants and creates sparkling clear water
    Swim 15 minutes after treatmentEliminates organic contaminants
    Crystal clear water, without the effects of chlorine
    Fast acting product