Sirona Filter Cleaner



  • Concentrated cleaner for soaking filters
  • Deep cleans filter to remove dirt, grease, oil buildup and scale
  • Compatible with all sanitizers

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1. Remove cartridge or grids and rinse off any large debris.
2. Prepare a Sirona Filter Cleaner solution by adding 1 pt (16 fl oz) to 4 gallons of water in a large plastic bucket or garbage can. Do not use galvanized aluminum or porcelain container. Always add Sirona Filter Cleaner to water, never add water to the Filter Cleaner.
3. Place the elements in the Sirona Filter Cleaner solution and allow to soak for at least 3 hours. Soak overnight for maximum effectiveness.
4. Remove the elements and rinse thoroughly with a high-pressure nozzle.
5. If possible, allow cartridges to dry before reinstalling in filter. For in-between quick cleanings to your filter, try Spray and Rinse Filter Cleaner. It will clean your filter in just 5 minutes.