FROG @ Ease Spa System


    Floating Sanitizing system. Proprietary blend of minerals with SMARTCHLOR technology.

    • 2 FROG pre-filled cartridges
    • FROG @ Ease test strips
    • FROG Jump Start Shock

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    For use in hot tubs up to 600 gallons. Use with FROG @ ease Smartchlor cartridge. Start with fresh water in your hot. Balance water balance. pH = 7.2-7.8, Total Alkalinity = 80-120 ppm, Establish a free chlorine residual of .5 – 1 ppm with FROG Jump Start start-up shock.

    Remove packaging. Align arrows on blue FROG mineral cartridge and silver FROG Smartchlor cartridge. Push together and twist to lock. Set the dial (see setting chart in manual). Place entire system into hot tub. Shock tub when replacing FROG Smartchlor cartridge or once a month.

    Click here to see all instructions regarding the FROG systems.

    FROG® is a brand of mineral sanitizing systems for swimming pools and hot tubs. This patented and EPA registered product creates Fresh Mineral Water® that is Cleaner because it kills bacteria two ways, Clearer because it helps keep the pH in line for better water clarity, Softer as it conditions the water and uses up to 50% less chlorine and Easier to use with pre-filled pacs for no mess, no guess and no stress water care.

      Kills Bacteria with minerals and chlorine both!
      Up to 75% less chlorine
      Pre-filled cartridges for NO touching or measuring chlorine.