FROG Inground Value Pack


You are receiving one In-Ground Pool FROG Mineral Reservoir 5400 and 6 Pool FROG Bac Pac 2.2 LB each. Pool FROG is an all-in-one pool sanitizing system that creates Fresh Mineral Water in your swimming pool. The water is cleaner because FROG kills bacteria two ways with minerals and a low level of chlorine. With up to 50% less chlorine used, the pool will feel softer with no smelly odors or faded swimsuits. It’s precision performance means you set it and forget it and pre-filled pacs offer no mess, no guess and no stress pool care.
  • Package includes 1 Pool FROG Mineral Reservoir (Series 5400), 6 Bac Pacs, 1 BAM Algaecide and Test Strips
  • 5400 series use for in-ground pools 40,000 gallons or less
  • Lower your chlorine use up to 50% with minerals*
  • Kills bacteria 2 ways with minerals and chlorine
  • Pettis Perks Members Qualify for 5% Cash Back Reward Dollars