poolife® NST Tablet Feeder – Only for NST Feeder Tablets



Designed for use with the poolife® NST® Feeder Tablet technology, this truly unique feeder allows for the slow-dissolving cal hypo tablets to be slowly and continually fed into the pool though the existing plumbing. Once installed, simply add the tablets periodically and adjust the control valve to maintain a 1-4 ppm chlorine level.


Important Information:

  • Do not use NST Skimmer Tablets in the feeder
  • Do not use any other type of chlorine tablet in the feeder
  • NST Feeder Tablets sold separately

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READ CAREFULLY: This feeder is designed to use only slow-dissolve cal-hypo tablets. Under no circumstances mix cal-hypo tablets with other forms of concentrated chlorine or with other chemicals. Fire and/or explosion may result. Lubricate o-ring with approved silicone o-ring lubricant only. If you are not the original owner of this feeder, or not sure which chemical was used, be safe and flush thoroughly with fresh water. Caution should be used when removing cap. DO NOT INHALE FUMES.

1. Turn control valve to the complete OFF position and SHUT OFF THE PUMP.
2. Using CAUTION, remove cap and fill the feeder with poolife NST Feeder Tablets. For best results, stack tablets vertically in the feeder.
3. Replace cap, hand tighten lock nut only until tab clicks into place. Make sure the o-ring is clean and in place. Lubricate with approved silicone.
4. Open control valve to your original setting. Turn pump back on. The feeder is now back in operation. Refer to manual to for additional information.