SERUM Hot Tub Cleaning Kit



The Hot Tub Serum Cleaning kit is a complete kit designed with the DIY individual in mind. It consists of a 2-ounce jar of Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse, 16-ounce bottle of Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance and a hot tub turbo cleaning mitt. The kit makes it easy for you to purchase everything needed to do a complete spa cleaning in a couple of hours in an afternoon.

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Step 1: Purge and clean plumbing

Drain and scrub all tub surfaces with surface cleaner.

Step 2: Fill and balance

Shock tub and follow weekly maintenance procedures on Step 2 bottle.

Use 1 oz. of Total Maintenance Step 2 (3 capfuls) every 7 – 10 days for best results!

Hot Tub Serum products work in conjunction with your regular sanitizer. It
is important that you maintain sufficient sanitizer in your hot tub at all times.
Do not let your sanitizer run out! If you hot tub water becomes cloudy/
foaming/yellow/green/smells then you should shock the water and increase
sanitizer level. If poor water conditions persist, Clean your cartridge filters and
repeat step 1: Serum Cleanse.

Simple and easy to use

Helps keep water balanced

Keeps water clean and clear

Helps you enjoy your hot tub experience longer

Ultimately safe and very effective

Improves hot tub performance